Piano Craft Has been proudly serving all of southwest missouri and north arkansas since 1999. Locally owned by two lifelong piano technicians and lovers of music.

 Whether you are looking for a world-class grand piano for a concert hall or an affordable yet high-quality instrument to fit your budget, we want to make shopping for a piano an enjoyable and educational experience. With over 150 to choose from we will help you find the perfect piano. Please come by today or give us a call at (417) 881-3035.

Meet the Team


Greg Murdaugh

A lifetime of piano expertise

Greg grew up learning the trade and brings with him seemingly endless amounts of piano knowledge. If you’re looking for an expert appraisal or tuning, you’ll be happy to meet Greg.


Shelley wilson

Our music-loving logistics manager

Shelley has been passionate about pianos since she was a little girl. She built a career tuning pianos before helping found Piano Craft. You can now find her running the store logistics and greeting guests with a smile.


Jim hearn

Jim Hearn is a 43 year veteran of the piano industry and is actively involved in every piano sale to ensure that the client receives the absolute best value for their money.  He pursues excellence in every facet of Piano Craft.  Jim was ordained in 1989 and is well-versed in the church market.  Being a grand father of 12,  Jim has a sincere desire for all children to experience the benefits of learning to play the piano.


Richard Kittleman

Piano Craft’s rockin’ teacher and piano prepper

You can find Richard assisting Sheilah in our EZ Play classes. He is also the master at cleaning, detailing and prepping our used pianos which is why they look so good.


Vicky Walling

Wrangler of all things administrative

Billing, accounting, and administrative duties fall squarely onto the shoulders of the always reliable Vicky. It’s a big job, but she’s knocking it out of the park one invoice at a time.


Jim McDowell

Master of inventory

Inventory in a store like Piano Craft is a huge undertaking, with pianos constantly on the move. It takes a sharp, dedicated person to keep all of the numbers straight. Luckily, we have just the guy to do it.


Adam and Reggie

Our dynamic moving duo

Husband-and-wife team Adam and Reggie have one of the most important jobs at Piano Craft—transporting huge, yet delicate, instruments to their loving homes. With a job that requires smart logistics, detail-oriented implementation, strength, and care, Reggie and Adam absolutely shine.

With experience moving pianos all-day, everyday, no one is better equipped to handle moving such a complicated instrument than our amazing moving crew.