Yamaha LC4 Piano Lab

Group piano classes are easy to manage with Yamaha’s modular system, the LC4 Music lab, for piano labs.

This system suits groups as small as one-on-one, all the way to a large, 48-student operation. By networking headphones and microphones together, each student can enjoy practicing in isolated privacy. Using a tablet, the piano instructor is in complete control of the classroom environment. With a simple button press, instructors can listen to students one-on-one or broadcast all of the pianos together for ensemble works. To quiet the classroom during instruction, there is also a mute option that will silence all of the pianos as the teacher speaks.

The Yamaha LC4 Music Lab offers a simple to use app, intuitive features, and classroom management options that will make your group piano class more efficient and effective.

Piano Craft offers both sales and installation of the Yamaha LC4 Music Lab. Give us a call at (417) 881-3035 to receive a customized quote for your classroom’s setup.