Digital Pianos - Yamaha Clavinova

Yamaha has mastered the art of creating digital pianos with amazing sound and realistic feel. The Clavinova line is the result of the perfect marriage of technology and a hand-crafted instrument. Perfect for anyone from beginners to professionals, the Clavinova is lauded all over the world for its beautiful wooden case, glorious sound-samples featuring prestigious instruments like the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand and Yamaha CFX 9-footer, realistic touch, and impressive range of functions.

With three amazing lines to choose from, there’s sure to be a Yamaha Clavinova that fits into your needs and budget.


CLP 600 series

The Yamaha Clavinova CLP Series features beautiful sampling of the Yamaha CFX and realistic key-feel in a exquisitely-crafted piano case. Stereophonic Optimizers allow for the player to enjoy the convenience of headphones, while creating the sensation that the music is coming directly from the piano.

The CLP series is perfect for anyone, from beginning piano student, to seasoned professional. Its small frame and big sound make it a great fit for any music room.

The CLP series are available in five finishes: polished ebony, matte black, dark walnut, rosewood, and polished white. (Not all finishes are available on all models, please contact us for details.)


csp series

The Yamaha Clavinova CSP Series is an amazing new offering from Yamaha. This piano integrates with both iOS or Android devices to create a fun and interactive playing experience. Using its impressive light stream features, you can load your own music into the piano’s app and follow the lights to learn how to play any song you want. This piano was designed to make playing the piano fun, digitally interactive, and accessible for new learners.

The CSP Series also boasts an impressive collection of instrument sound samples and multi-track song recording. 

The CSP Series is on display at Piano Craft in Springfield, MO. Pop into our store near Elm and Glenstone to take the Yamaha CSP series pianos for a test drive.


CVP Series

The CVP series of Clavinova are genre-redefining instruments and the culmination of years of development from Yamaha. The Yamaha Clavinova CVP features an astonishingly realistic keyboard feel utilizing the natural wood and synthetic ivory. The CVP series is also equipped with powerful speakers and subwoofers, creating a realistic grand piano sound.

The Clavinova CVP series features an impressive array of features including virtual musicians with 40 different music styles, sampling from world-class and vintage pianos, and high-quality recording ability.

The CVP series is available in both a vertical case and a beautiful baby grand piano case option.